I can t read these Hell love letters anymore those Jesus punk affairs that wake me up in the morning from my unrelated past caressing the newspapers of my balls Yet throwing infected orgasms that Jesus I am going to smell and perspire For Ever yet guess what is Now Hell happening in my gut Jesus you dirty stage from the king s toilet Right Punk tinitus locked in my left ear For ever can t feel my honest taste and I already got Jesus signs of urticaire losing the colours of my sight Yet Blimey I am alive but Jesus it did sung several times in my single pocket of faith and I am now lying to her Right my love since Bloody Hell cause what is left on my Jesus christmas plate is total diarrhoea of reheated beliefs Jesus too late Right Now I woke up with a Shit romantic tattoo published in between my pillow and my sex muscle that looks like a Bloody foreign business invading my vestal spine and Shit Roxy and Presley Jesus dirty mouths Yet first spreading recorded diseases Right all over my trunk like unprotected slow dances Yet totally incurable melodies of dirty drolesses Right but Bloody Now they all beat the clock For ever under my white skin this Bloody dirty laundry sweating in a hot bath For ever shot in black and white scripts.