Out of one's screen
Performative film
Transformation of the
Chalton Gallery into a cinema,
3 screens and 6 speakers
55 mins

Chalton Gallery
25.52 - 27.05 2018
Initially I had the idea to find a cinema with 3 screens
to project a film that I would perform live but instead
I transformed an art Gallery and it works fine.

I performed the one hour's film twice on 3 consecutive evenings.
Because of the complication of the screening installation,
I figured out that the only good seat was in the very
middle so I made small groups of the audience and
squeezed them as much as possible in the middle of
the gallery so that they would look like one big viewer,
or a bunch of school kids ready for their annual picture.
I gave them some homemade popcorn
and some
beers but I didn't like the sound of people
drinking from bottles together with the soundtrack
of my film so I poored their drinks into glasses.
I was hiding at the back during the screenings,
and using a hand held device to start and edit
the film live, so that each night it ended up being
different film.

Production of the film:
Actors Linda Marlowe and
Jimmy Stanley (2018, Philomène Hoël)
Strippers Jenny Runacre, Linda Marlowe and Pat Fordfrom
from Dyn Amo (1972, Stephen Dwoskin)
Prisonners Lucien Sénémaud and Omar Sharif
from Un chant d'amour (1950, Jean Genet)
Soundscore by Gavin Bryars
Assisting production:
Film assistant production, Joseph Addison
Film stage, The Horse Hospital, London
Host, Javier Calderon, Chalton Gallery London
Sound engineer, Ashley Green
Assistant production, Kris Abdaï, Libby Habib

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