Out of One's Cinema

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'Out of one's cinema: Stephen Dwoskin'
Collective viewings

Out of One’s Cinema is a series of performative screenings exploring a dialogue
between the artist-filmmaker Stephen Dwoskin and Philomène Hoël,
in the scope of her practice-based Phd: “Is it your hand or is it my hand?”
Examining the roles of subjectivity and control in both works.

Supported by LUX

Collective viewing 3
31 september 2017
Host: DOC, Paris
Studio space, Old classroom,
Doc, 26 rue du Docteur Potain, Paris


Collective viewing 2
1 july 2017
Host: Curators Valentina Bin and SImina Neamu
Place: Gallery space from Gallery SO
, 92 Brick Lane
E1 6RL Londres

philomene hoel

Collective viewing 1
28 march 2017
Host: Artist Max-Louis Raugel
Place: Artist-run space Limbo Limbo,
SE15 6RX Londres

collective viewing